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The Groove With Mr. Scarface

2 Low

Sharay jones
Welcome funk fans to hot spot
I'm sharay jones
And i find myself back in south acres with mr. scarface
Looking for 'the groove'

Verse 1: 2 low
I say one for the boogie, two for the show
Take a look and whaddaya know, it's 2 low
Or should i say the funky lil bro, i'm back with the flow
Another style from the kid to let you bustas know
(know what?) that i gets busy, it makes em go crazy
With a pack of hennessy, the funky lil baby
And i be jammin like an old school vet
I be workin up a sweat, havin fun as i earn my check
So check it out as i come to groove with ya
Chillin out in the studio with mister-mister
Along with that basket case
I can't forget about my partners on that face ii face
What's up? so chill with that southern funk
I make you tear up your trunk, he-he, trouble funk
I make you wonder where i got it from
Cause deep in the jungle where the hunters rumble
So chill with the low and let me get to ya
Cause me and mr. face came to groove ya

Chorus sung
If the music makes you move
And you feel you wanna groove
Groove on, groove on
If you're feeling good inside
And you wanna take a ride
Ride on, ride on

Verse 2: 2 low
And let me roll as i come back to entertain ya
Try to get the fame like my homie dana dana (dana dane with fame)
Growin up it's gettin a little better
Today i came home without detention or a letter
Hell, no busta tried to pick a fight
And face hit me up this track that is sooo tight (sho' right)
I had to share it with you to see if you can feel me
And if you don't, hit the swisher and chill, gee
And then you see i make it funky
Somethin you can smoke to and chill back with your homies
So (if the music makes you move
And you feel you wanna groove
Groove on) as i keep goin, see
I'm the funky lil brotha and you know that i be flowin
And i be showin i can handle the mic
No need to pass it on because i go all night
So don't let nobody try to fool ya
About lil lo with the face gonna groove ya

Chorus repeated

Sharay jones
So there you have it, funk fans
'the groove'
Join us next week
Same funk time, same funk staton
I'm sharay jones
I love you and peace
Groove on

Outro sung, repeated
Everything is on the one

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