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Poor Side Of Town

Al Wilson

Do do do, wah
Shooby dooby
Do do do, wah
Shooby dooby

Now how can you tell me
How much you've missed me
When the last time I saw you
You wouldn't even kiss me

Now that rich guy you been seeing
He must have put you down
So welcome back, baby
To the poor side of town

To him you were nothing
But a little plaything
Girl, you were not much more
Than just another overnight fling

To me, you were the greatest thing
This boy had ever found
And, girl, it's so hard to find nice things
Here on the poor side of town

I can't blame you for trying
I'm trying to make it too
But I've got one little hangup, baby
You know I just can't make it
Without you (without you)

So tell me
Are you gonna stay now
I wanna know, will you
Stand by me, girl
All the way now

Oh, with you by my side
I know they can't keep us down
Cause together, we're
Gonna make it, baby
Right here on the
Poor side of town

Do do do, wah
Shooby dooby
Do do do, wah
Shooby dooby

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