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Cold Winter Night


I was born the day I died
At the gates of the grave-yard
Cursed for the things I have done
Hunted, tortured, killed
I was born in the moonlight
With a dagger in the heart
It was that cold winter night
When I lost my fight
My soul is restless
This is my sentence
I damn you for ever
Cold Winter Night

Evil eyes haunted me
I never knew why I died
Black devil in disguise
Took away my life
I was his scapegoat
He played his act of God
A blade cursed my heart
Now I'm wandering through the night

Forgive me father
Forgive, for I have sinned
Damnation is my legacy
I've died before I even lived
Give me a chance for vengeance
Or let me rest in peace
Please, look into my eyes
And listen to my cries

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