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An Alpha Creation, the cosmic perdition
darkened, morbid statue of God
the bearer of the sigil Omega
spiritual degeneration cast into mortal flesh

He, who has the whole world to ignite
and thousands of fools to destroy
with the flames of Phosphoros
and the old ideals to be carved into stone

When the world burns in pain
and all the angels are bleeding
when Alpha becomes Omega
it's time to revive the old

Unleashing the White Owl
A Lucifrerian Illumination
unconscious spiritual evolution
Unleashing the pack of wolves
to harvest the flesh
to liberate an Omega Creation

An Omega Creation, the cosmic projection
enlightened, pure statue of God
the bearer of the sigil Alpha
Luciferian revolution cast into immortal flesh

When you're struck by an abrupt sanity
and burnt by the wings of splendor
when Omega turns to Alpha
it's time to create the old

Unleashed White Owl
a Luciferian Reality
revolution in the collective consciousness
Unleashed wolves
to guard over you
to live an eternity in clarity

Congregation of Al-Khemia:
Alpha Man - Omega Setekh
Alpha Star - White Owl
Aeternae Obscuritatis
Darkness is the Light
Light is the Will

Ave Phosphoros
We hail the new dawn
We embrace the red dew
and salute thee
Hail Satan, Rege Luciferi
Alpha Omega Alpha

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