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I don't know what you've got,
But it plays with my emotions, I want you so much.
Baby I (want you) wanna hole you near (come on baby),
To whisper dirty secrets in your ear.
Can't stand the thought of you (no I can't) with somebody else,
Gotta have your love (got to have it) all to myself,
I say yeah, yeah, yeah.

Wanna be your crazy (lover), sexy (lover) loverboy,
Gonna be your all day (lover), all night (lover) playful toy.
Wanna be the caring (lover) one that (lover) you enjoy,
Call me your lover, lover, loverboy.

Too far gone, it's hard to stop,
Baby, you're my dream, my fantasy and I won't give up.
Burn, tease, play me with your fire (come on baby),
Make me pull the trigger (trigger), you know my desire.
Coz I get that burning feeling (something hot) from nobody else,
Gotta have that body there (body there), all to myself,
You'll say yeah, yeah, yeah.


Oh yeah, I know you need it, you've always wanted,
This and I can't stand to see you alone.
I'll be there through the thick and thin,
You know that it will make you see that one day I will make you my own.
And I want you baby, but the thing is,
There is nothing I can say to stop you baby, from running,
Running away, won't you stay, stay, please stay.

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