• Susie got your number

    Susie tem seu número

    Blood On The Dance Floor - Michael Jackson
  • Take me down little Susie, take me down

    Me derruba pequena Susie, me derruba

    Dead Flowers - The Rolling Stones
  • Susie meets the man of her dreams

    Susie encontra o homem dos seus sonhos

    Wonderful Life - Hurts
  • Somebody killed Little Susie

    Alguém matou a pequena Susie

    Little Susie - Michael Jackson
  • Miss carrie nurse and susie dear

    Enfermeira Carrie e querida Susie

    Astronomy - Metallica
  • Here she comes, little Susie ho-maker

    Ai vem ela, pequena Susie vadia

    Thief Of Hearts - Madonna
  • Well, what Susie says of Sally sayin' more about

    Bem, o que Susie diz sobre Sally dizendo mais sobre si mesma

    Cheap Talk - Qveen Herby