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She left without leaving a number
Said she needed to clear her mind
He figured she'd gone back to Austin
Cuz she talked about it all the time
It was almost a year before she called him up
3 rings and an answering machine is what she got

If your calling 'bout the car, I sold it
If this is Tuesday night I'm bowling
If you got something to sell, your wasting your time
I'm not buying
If it's any body else, wait for the tone, you know what to do
and P.S., if this is Austin, I still love you

The telephone fell to the counter
she heard but she couldn't believe
What kind of man would hang on that long
what kind of love that must be
she waited 3 days, and then she tried agian
she didn't know what she'd say
but she heard 3 rings and then

If it's Friday night I'm at the ball game
And first thing Saturday, if it don't rain
I'm headed out to the lake
and I'll be gone all weekend long
But I'll call you back when I get home
On Sunday afternoon
P.S. if this is Austin, I still love you

This time she left her number, but not another word
Then she waited by the phone on Sunday evening
And this is what he heard

If your calling 'bout my heart, its still yours
I should've listened to it a little more
then it wouldn't have taken me so long
to know where I belong
and by the way boy, this is no machine your talking to
Can't you tell this is Austin, and I still love you

I still love you

Artist is Blake Shelton.

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