Things Can Only Get Better


You can walk my path, you can wear my shoes
Learn to talk like me and be an angel too
maybe you ain't never gonna feel this way
You ain't never gonna know me, but i know you

I'm singing it now-
Things can only get better
They can only get better if we see it
that means me and I mean you too
So teach me now that things can only get
They can only get, they only get, take it on from here
You know i know that things
can only get better

I sometimes lose myself in me, I lose track of time
And I can't
see the wood for the trees
You set them alight
burning bridges as you've gone
I'm too
weak to fight ya
I've got my personal hell to deal with, then you say
Walk my path, wear
my shoes, talk like that-
I'll be an angel then
Things can only get better
they can
only get better, now i found you
Things can only get better, they can only get better,
I found you
and you and you
You have shown me prejudice and greed
And you've shown me
how I must learn to deal with this disease
I look at things now in a different light than I did
And I've found the cause
and I think you can be my cure
So teach me to...

Walk your path, wear your shoes, talk like that, I'll be an angel and
Things can only get

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