So far away from my home, sweet home
Day by day, from land to land I roam
Though told by the wind which way to go
Oh, how I long for my home, sweet home

You can come home in times of harshness
You may come home in times of sorrow, too
Your home will be waiting for you forever
It will be waiting for you forever

Fragrant blossoms blooming far away-
Do my folks see them as I did long ago?
Are they still joyful? Are they young at heart?
Will I see them again as I did that day?

Family, friends
Home and memories
No one will ever
Forget about you

How far I've come from my childhood home!
There will come a time when my troubles are gone
And when I shall not be all alone-
Till then, I dream of my home, sweet home

Forest, stream
Sky and earth
Everyone is waiting
Waiting for your return

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