Foto do artista Final Fantasy Series

Oblivion (FF XIV Shiva's Theme)

Final Fantasy Series

Staring at death
I take a breath
There’s nothing left

Now I close my eyes
For one last time
And say goodbye

Lying naked while the snow falls all around me
Drifting closer to the edge but she won’t help me

Wake up in sweat
Full of regret
Try to forget

These memories
Lurking beneath
Lost in the dream

Unchosen path
Unreckoned vast
Forespoken wrath

Their pain won’t cease
I’ll find no peace
The sweet release

Fragile creatures we are taught to fear the reaper
Everyone around me we are dead before we meet her

These voices telling me, “Let it go”
[Echo] “Let it go”
I try and I try and I can’t say no
[Echo] Gotta say no
This endless record has just begun
[Echo]Going the limit
My pride is drowning me down into

The endless lies
I cast aside
Lock them in ice

Still is my soul
My blood drawn cold
I gain control

Fearless creatures
We are right to fight the reaper
Can’t believe him so instead I’ll have to beat her

These voices spinning me, “Let it go”
[Echo] “Let it go”
This time I’m spinning to hell I know
[Echo] Gotta say no
My mind’s made up and my fear is gone
[Echo] Fear is gone
Open my eyes and here I go

[For the last time
I will think of her]
For the last time

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