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Teen Devil Worshipper Jonathan Cantero's List of Eqiupment For The 12th of October

Idiot Flesh

1. Knife and sheath
2. Vail and lid for blood
3. Plastic bag for left hand
4. Small bag for money
5. Handkerchief to cover mouth
6. Jeans
7. T-shirt
8. A book of shadows

1. Go to school
2. Leave at 11:45
3. Pull up at Mom's house
4. Enter/greet Mom
5. Go to bathroom
6. Prepare knife and handkerchief
7. Go directly to Mom
8. When back is turned
9. Cover her mouth
10. Stab until dead
11. Cut off her left hand

"Lord Satan thou hast stricken this woman from the earth, I have killed the womb from which I was born. I have ended her reign of desecration of my mind. She is no longer of me, yet only a simple serpent on a lower plane."

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