Feverish rites of the culinary macabre
Consuming pork when not fully cooked
Teeming colonies of maggots swarm within
Contracted the deadly affliction overlooked
Botulism sets in as the sweat intensifies
Death in hours is sure and expected
Trichinosis diagnosed no cure is known
The agony of seafoog not thoroughly inspected

Debris-ridden vomit
Your insides jellify
Revulsion of intestines

The swift, horrible fate of the disease is asphyxiation,
A most terrible painful death from which there is no salvation

Intestinal worms burrow throughout your corpse
As the plague reveals its ultimate benediction
The slime, the rot, the bubbling bile
The red larvae of this curious infection

Cannibalized slop
Squishes and squirms
Red wigglers...
The cadillac of worms

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