Wandering at night the flesh lust never will it cease
I use my knives to open wide the soul that lays beneath
And if she doesn't want to know my prophecy macabre
I reach within, catastrophic entrails violently i rob...
But if she is the "special one" whose self i must preserve
I deliver her to this unholy fate, which she deserves
I grasp her skull so gently and exactly do i hone
I slice the skin, her lovely face, and peel it from the bone

The faces are hanging in the bloody aftermath
Flaps of skin you see them and it makes you want to laugh
The collection of my morbid love it glistens in the night
The faceless corpse still smiling, smiling in the night

And if i'd never kill again i'd never want to be
The blood, the thrill, the mangled skin it means to much to me
To stroll within the midnight air , the way it makes me feel
To disembowel a bitch and how her face will fuckin' peel
I smear the blood on my worthless self, my composure to redeem
I keep the faces of the dead to preserve their dying scream
The bones and rot , skin and snot, the odors of my skill
The orgasm never dies and i know it never will...

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