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Step Back

Inka Inka

The sky was just getting dark
As the people met in the park
And We planned to stay all night long
And voice what we felt wrong
Come on
And though we come in peace
Illegal Assembly
Was the reason the police man
Put us in their prison
Come on

Forbidden to disagree
with the leaders of this country
And peacefully display
You feel that way, can't say theye're wrong
Come on
So they charge me
As athreat to the security
Of this nation and our freedom
All with my opinion
Come on


One by one our rights are taken
One by one we lose freedom
Step by step we're coming for them
One by one we're coming, so

Step back, officer
Step back, oppressor
Step back, politician
Step back, we are coming
Step Back

There are no law enforcers
If law itself they ignore
The constitution grants us freedom
To demonstrations
Come on
But we come in peace
Illegal assembly
Is the excuse the police
For their aggression
Come on


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