You know whut would be the shit?
If we had our own island

Lets trip in the sun
Violent j
I got my toes in the sand watchin hoes play volleyball
It's summer time and I'm feeling jolly ya'll
Food on the fire boats in the water and
Takin time off from my serial slaughteren
Here for the weekend me and these friends sunny sunshine and blue blue skies never end
Theres a mermaid wavin me to come in
Underwater on my balls she's hummin.smokin
On a phat one we come to have fun I got my dick in
Your hotdog bun.pouring out shots for everybody that's
Sippin let's get loose now skinny dippin
Don't hate me cause the speedo I'm wearin got your
Girlfriend stairin.we out here sky's so clear ice cold beer
Suntan topless xxxxx come over here

Chorus:on juggalo island we can be one. Let our nuts
Hang by the water. On juggalo island we can have fun
We can let go by the water

Shaggy:bang! Sow! boom! sunny like high noon met
Some lettes and they all comin over soon
Have aluha I'm getting blew out come over here if you
Ever get threw out
We gotta place for ya never will ignore ya gotta hot
Plate and a drink we gunna pour ya
Corpse on tha grill plays on the one two and around
Here the dead have fun too
Stiffs in the water float and we see you doing flips
In the air on a sea-do
No cops unless they pourin out shots unless ur
Helping us smoke these crops
Surfin on the big one havin big fun xxxxxx with a big
Fat one under the sun
Lettin them hang doing our thang listen to them up
And down the beach everybody sing

Violent j: and when the sun goes down we up all night
Dance of the dead boogywoogy in the moon light
Fuck the rules right? The dead do bite listen to the quiji
Board we can only do right
Can't do wrong fatty in a blue thong everybody can't be
Together with you gone
Come get with this wicked ridiculous this world is ours
Everybit of this

Shaggy: get you a burger with cheese enjoy the breeze
I'm choppin coconuts outta palm trees
And we all in a free ballin see me shore side surfin on a dolphine
Grass skirt dead hola girls hatchets and whutever your
Fishing hook catches
We don't leave without you so lets hang boom pow
Bang lets do the damn thang
Let's trip in the sun

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