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Order Of The Dragon

Lamia Antitheus

He was walking in the halls of death when he felt the presens of distant fiends.
Pitiful creatures not worthy of his breath strolling amongst the soulless beings.

The sweet taste of blood awakes his growing urge for more his eternal thirst is prolonged for once again...
"I want more!!"

Foes came closer through the forest, so far away. They saw their fellow soldiers impaled.
They could still hear their screams, so loud.

The ground wasn't covered by grass nor by dirt. There was only a blinding sea of blood reflecting
the shape of the moon so full and bright.
Whilst they got closer their goal the coldness of death arose amongst them.

The mist grew thicker as they marched down the dreadful valley.
The screams of nocturnal nightmare made their fear stronger than their will,
as they walked into the bowels of the, the great castle of "Bran".

As vlads servants had betrayed his soul he had to flee down the catacombs so black.
With only the dying flare of a flickering candlestine,(for his guidance,)
he found his way through the labyrints of hell.
In the deepest holes he saw a glimpse of light passing before his eyes.

A mystery ,it was, that he had gone this far though he is in a state of weekness both in soul and mind.
Soon to be decapitated by his descendants, his own blood, he reached the end of this never ending tunnel.
He was now to meet his fatal fate, a doom of eternal pain and despair.

A desireable path chosen to lead his way.
He heard his enemies when they marched towards his being, shouted the screams of vengence.
With swords of silver drawn and priests by their side they saw the fleeing prince.
A murder of defining menace took the life of

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