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Avec Toi


I cannot escape
The mermaids in the water
The dove in my mind
Already tearing
My soul asunder

I long for resolution

There's a blinding light
Coming from my head
Go see for yourself
The burning angels wrought undead

The man with mended horns
Invites me home

I am dead to this world
And all that it holds
The threshold of hope
Lies on the path of the light

The sun is setting
And the moon is not waiting

The world will go on
When i..m all lost and far gone
Always the same old song
Keeping right from wrong

The true light will dawn
On friend and foe alike

You'll always be the answer
And i know it has be this way
Cause if you dissolve
I will lose shape

A well of hope
Cast in the mirrored light

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