Foto do artista Little Mermaid

Part Of Your World (Reprise)

Little Mermaid

Ariel (spoken):
Was I too late?

Scuttle (spoken):
It's hard to say...
Oh, I-I can't make out a heartbeat!

Ariel (spoken):
No, look! He's breathing!
Oh, Scuttle... Just look at him.
He's so beautiful...

Ariel (singing):
What would I give
To live where you are?
What would I pay
To stay here beside you?
What would I do to see you
Smiling at me?

Where would we walk?
Where would we run?
If we could stay all day in the sun!
Just you and me,
And I could be,
Part of your world...

I don't know when,
I don't know how,
But I know something's starting right now...
Watch and you'll see,
Someday I'll be
Part of your world!

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Composição: Howard Ashman. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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