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Away from the world


Do you still feel the nails
In your hands on that day
Do you still hear them shout
Crusify the lamb of God
Do you still forgive those
Who crusified you
On that cross
Did you hear your mother cry for you
As they nailed you to the cross
And the blood from yours came down
Upon the world
Though the crowd heard your cry
They saw you die
On that cross you died for our sins
Do you still feel the hate
That day you carried up your cross
Do you still forgive us all
For the sins that we have caused
On that cross upon that day
You died for all our sins
Did you hear your father cry for you
As they nailed you to the cross
Did you see the faces of your people crying out your name
Upon the cross you hung along
Away from the world
On that cross on that day
You died to save us all

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