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Girl In The Picture

Mc Mario


I think I love the girl in the picture
She's a fantasy
Someone that I need to see
Thing of reality
You got me all outta control
Who do I gotta be
To make cutie wanna be with me
I know that I need her
Go out my way
And I'd do anything to meet her
Make her mine some day
Her body got me in the zone
Who do I gotta be
To make cutie wanna be with me

Verse 1:

She's the type of girl in the magazines
Front cover of the 17
5 foot 11
Know what I mean
And she's gotta a body
Other brothers always crowd around her
She is the one for me
I can picture us
In the 5 double 0
Windows down low
Dippin' on a shoppin' spree

Bridge 1:

I can see you and me (on the run)
You could be (my number one) my lady
Don't wanna be you fan
Wanna be your man
I can see you and me (puttin' time in)
You could be (like my best friend) my baby (baby)
But I guess it only happenes in my dreams


Verse 2:

I can see us together at award shows
Just like P.Diddy and J.Lo
Cameras flash
Paparotzi what's the scoop yo (scoop yo)
But the love we (love we got)
Will never go and we be proud about it
Posters on my wall
Wish that I could call you baby
Talk about how we were meant to be until we both fall asleep

Bridge 1

Chorus X2

Bridge 2:

I'd go to the limit of space
Anything just to see you face to face
What would I do if you were here with me
In reality
It's all fantasy
(You) you got (got) what I want (want)
And I tried (tried) to get you outta my mind
'Cause I think about you all the time
Baby yeah

Chorus X2

(song fades out)

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