L.B.J. was a-flyin' one morn'
Over south Louisiana...feeling for alarm
When he looks down below, and what does he see?
Two cajuns pullin' a nigger on ski's!

So he lands, and says, "Thanks for helping your black brother!"
And them two cajuns just looked at each other
And said, "He might be smart, but I'll tell you something..."
"He don't know a thing about alligator huntin'!"

Who likes a nigger?
o-wop-bop-bam-bam (CHORUS)
Who likes a nigger?
Who likes a nigger?
And the hatin', everybody, is a-gettin' much bigger

Rich man travelin' down thru the South
Stopped in Mississippi to get a tooth pulled out
When he paid the doctor the charges due
He said "My nigger chauffer's got a bad tooth, too"

"Well, I'll pull it...", said the doc, "but you'd better notholler!
Cause I'll have to charge you $200.00
Cause here in Mississippi he can't open his mouth
We'll have to go thru his bottom, to get the thing out!"


There ain't much difference 'tween a nigger and a donkey
'Bout as much between an ape and a monkey
Ones a little bigger, but you gotta agree
There's not very much more that you can see.

But a mule earns his livin' by the sweat of his neck
While a nigger sits down and draws a gov't check
The nigger should be smarter, as a general rule
But in a spelling contest, I'd pick the mule!


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