It's time to raise and exorcise the hater of jesus christ.
To punish, to rape, to demolish, there has begun extreme aggression,
to fuck, to breed, to extol the icon of destruction.

Meet thy perdition at the grave of god,
as you're imagination and spoiled freak of nature.

Meet my perdition and you will kneel for pleasures,
i will show you eternities as Satan revel in me.

Spirit of rebellion - blaspheme and curse, desire to fight - raise thy sword.
The new age of Hades - not a year of grace.
The infernal wolf is free - unchained are thee.

Chaos rules - the whores of hell are here.
Hell on earth - the trinity has falllen apart.

Paradise lost - the spirit turned to flesh.
Chaotic Profane Phenomena:no more or less.