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7th Life


Night of crime calling once again
Without thinking, I'm ready for the game
I'll taste the bad and good, according to my mood
Holding the freedom's flag, now I follow my own rules

I tell myself how I have to live my life
Your words are lost in vain

Well, I have fallen many times
But I always could get up to my life
I always try to reach my limit, but they never let me
Now the wind slaps my face, and I'm about to have my chance

I got so close to the climax, so close
Somebody must have closed the door
I try to open my eyes, in all ways
I cannot wake up from this dream - not from this dream

I lost my life again - Forever
And everything I had is gone
I showed myself a hell - For pleasure
Oh how I wish I were born again

Please somebody turn on the light
I still have some miles before I die
Now I see the chances I had, waving me goodbye
I've just lost my seventh life. Now how can I survive?

I guess I could never learn, ever
The lessons I just despised
My fate has been traced by myself
Remorse keeps me alive - it keeps me alive

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