I got a pickax in the trunk of my car
I'll put it on the grinder to get it real sharp
There's an ugly green monster in my head
Won't leave me alone
Until you're dead

I called your house but you couldn't be reached
I took the D train to Brighton beach
You're doing the thing with a brand new man
Checking out the stars
Screwing on the sand

Kill you
Kill you
I'll fuckin kill you
Second verse worse than the first

Took some steroids and adrenaline
Finlandia vodka and hallucinogens
Mixed it with blood and orange juice
Liquid protein and ice cubes
Staring down at your sweaty embraces
Put my tool right through your faces
Well buddy boy I hope you enjoyed her
Cause I'm an equal opportunity

Kill you
Kill you
I'll fuckin kill you

I'll kill you tonight
Yeah, I'll kill you tonight
I said I'll kill you tonight
I'll fuckin' kill you