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The Day

Vaka - H

I'll Tuck You In, Make Sure the Noose Is Tight
Moving From Side to Side, and It Rips Your Will to Fight
Or Would You Go Away, Clipping Your Wings Away
Laughing At Your Dismay, Till You Rand Is Crowned

I'll Hold You Always
Beautiy in Your Eyes
Escape to Your World Please

Ambushing Moves This Way, Leading This Love Affair
Wrapped in Your Silence, Please, Comfort All Your Fears
Now I Want You Always, Clipping Your Wings Away
Tying You Up This Way, Till Your Rand Is Crowned

Tying You Up This Way, Clipping Your Wings Away, I'm Holding You Always, I'm Clipping Your Wings Away
Don't You Wish You Could Fly, I'll Come Close, the End Is Near

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