You try to get away
You got to get somewhere
You know you cannot stay
There´s so much evil in the air
They point their bony fingers
Right upon you
The coven of the damned
They have seen you through

These people they are into witchcraft
They are not what they seem
You curious fool
You had yourself to this scene
They took your children and wife
Cut their throats with a knife
And now you´re facing the crowd
And the crowd is facing you

You´re running through the dark of night, your scream is music to their ears
Spooky trees, gloomy paths leads you further down your fears
You look around, haunting sound is creeping in your lonely soul
Nocturnal life, forest of death, you´re the prisoner within its cold...
Yes you are...

You cannot hear, you cannot feel your body´s shivering in here
Eyes of beasts pierce your heart, all naked you fall to the ground
And the last of love that´s in your heart is about to crumble now
Don´t let me die, let me stay alive, take me from this hellish place

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