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N Tha North Bay


You faulty trying to salt fuck your hating trying to hault me
Original gamers taught me so you suckas cant get got me
Im naughty Nathan nice the west turf is where I soaked
Whats your name baby three weeks later she was broke
Im just that type of playa aint no simpness so observe
Im plotting on this hoe for what she gotting pimpness heard
I was told you hella young but you laced like you was twenty feven
Im a differ with opinions fuck na im agreeing
A back seat type of guy that's what I be
Unless you kicking down hoe fuck a telly
I tell a bitch like this yo fuck it
If you aint really with get your as out my bucket
Im Sworn in this game like my potna d.o.g.
My playa west slang got you geekin off young zigidy
First I takes a puff befo I fucks wit this eight loop
So you can deck it out in your pimped out caddy coop
(ha ha) baby wasn't trippin that I left her at the motel
get in tuch with this when your purse is filled with hoe mail
im a playboy potna west downs where I kick
where I call a girl a bitch and rap dope shit
where we shake counter fits and we hit that dank
quick to cuss at a bitch for trying to sit on my paint
playas aint tripping since the town turned
gang signs aint thrown how much money you earn
a small town with some big names
playas like zigg spitting pimp game
rollas trying to rush so them rollas I dust
I do it like a chevy wit some ups im gone

Im hearing this and that how you jelous thoughts going to hold me back
And being incarsarated wasn't shit but a place to rap
Still kept in contact like hi wit all my real folks
Twomp on my convisary homie your time will approach
Im like damn the da got it twisted
Aint got know lawyer I wait it out and don't say shit
Monitered phones got my business on hold
I sat back slammed bones tell I get home
But for now released date is what im thinking
Because my tape was supposed to be out last weekend
And word of mouth (word of mouth) got me on lock down
They dry snitching got my name hot in the town
A testimony was the last thing up on my mind
To busy on my toes dropping sacs and ditching one time
When found out fifty fifty getting money
Straight lost to the district attorney
On my time im getting jacked I anint even making bail
Oh well its time to marinate up in my cell
And constantly dwell on some shit that moms wrote
Visions of hittinfg the studio blowing dosia smoke
I gots to come new im stressing there aint know reason fo it
My tape is still bumpin in the north side of californi a
Cant hold this fifty fifty label down
Controversy be making me known around
Young zigg is locked up zigidy do that whte stuff
All that does is rotate this product
With my rivals and rollas want me dead but still doing this
Know posters no stickers but still pushing hella units
I knew one day that we would be coming up
But I never knew that haters would be helping us
So much love to the demo dissers telling made tails
All you really doing is making these tapes sell

Sample ? Ray Luv ? I Gotz To Be Mo CareFull'
Zigidy ?

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