Ooh (15 Times)

When I Look Into Your Eyes I See You're Lonely
Won't You Come With Me
I Wanna Know If You
If You Ever Needed Someone Would You Call On Me
Let Me Touch You, Let Me Hold You, Let Me Squeeze You
Give You Love To Me
Baby Stop Wasting Time
And Let's Get Together, Baby

(Chorus) Let Me Show You
Can I Get To Know You
Baby Let Me Give You
All My Love

Let Me Touch The Secret Places Known To No One
What's Your Fantasy
I'm Giving You All Of Me
I Want To Please You Til You Can't
Take It No More
Can I Take You To A Place Where No One Finds You
Let's Forget About Time
It's All About You And Me
Ooh Can We Get Together Baby

Chorus Two Times

When I'm Near You
Something Takes Control Of Me
When We're Together
Can't You See
It's Destiny
When I'm Near You
It Feels Like You're A Part Of Me
And Baby I Don't Want You To Go Away From Me

Chorus Til End

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Composição: D. Jones / Marvin Scandrick / Quinnes Parker. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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