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Say It (Don't Spray It)

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Girl, i can't understand you
You're like reading a big fat book in hebrew
I can tell by the way you drool
You don't mean to be cruel
Oh baby
Fess up to your feelings
And tell me you need me
Cos your ass is very pleasin

Girl, you've got to say it
Don't spray it
I want the news
Not the weather
Say it
Don't spray it
I want the news
Not the weather

So, say goodbye to those levi's
Say hello to my sweet thighs
We can hokey-pokey
Just give me the okey-doke, ok
Fess up to your feelings
Oh baby i'm needing
Oh baby i'm really really needing


Wave your hands if you like it...
Don't give me no teasin
Your ass is so pleasin
As long as i'm breathing
It makes me your heathen

C'mon everyody in the house
I want the news


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Composição: Anthony Vanderburgh / Brian Gunn / Mark Gunn. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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