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Wobble Wobble

504 Boyz

Yo', this Jay-tweezie
keepin it live off the heezie fo' cheezy
with them 504 Boyz you dig, check it
This here we play loud as posible
Perferably in residential neighborhoods
and night clubs
Grab your shorty and let's go


Now won't you wobble wobble
Let me see you shake it, shake it
Now won't you drop it, drop it
Ohh, take it, take it (2x)

You already know what's happenin'
when I step in this Bitch
And I know you heard of me,
cause I'm right there off of GT
and Derbigny
You've been 'bout servin' it,
ever since you heard my song
I got you bucked up,
You want that camouflage love, huh
You got me fucked up
I just want to see you wobble,
like your momma's won that lotto
Like your daddy full of that bottle
Like your brother
when he caught them hollows
Like them G.T. Bitches,
them Saint T. Bitches,
my no limit Bitches
Them boss bitches who 'bout they riches,
and it ain't no secret
They want that soilder Dick
that you only get from that
soilder clique
That Whoa! bitch I told ya' dick,
'welling up
We drop it like it's hotta,
from the dance floor to the Ramada
Giving up them peso's,
I thinks nada, look


(Master P/Nino Brown)
Now when you shake that ass,
I get rocked up
You got a boyfriend boo
(Wodie, my man locked up)
Everytime you wobble wobble
it gets me horny
So I can ride that ass
from the night until in the morning
I could respect you mind,
if you can respect the game
Is this cool to fuck,
or is this about some change


(Magic, Silkk/Vito)
I like it when I see 'em at the club,
shaking that thang
Girl you really got me thinking 'bout taking that thang, comehere
Now when they wobbly, wobbly,
ass bouncing everywhere
The way she drop it like that,
I can't help but to stare
Got a nigga sayins "ohhh girl"
Come a little closer,
I'm tring to make you out my boo girl
Don't move girl,
I'm on my way to the floor baby
Coming for mine,
want to see if you can really shake it
Let's bump and grind,
girl you did that
The way you bounce it and shake it,
you know I'm with that
I'm trying to get that,
cause you got me rock hard (Ohh my God)
Got me humpin and humpin it (huh)
humpin like a dog, Woof


Back your ass, Whoo, the fuck up
I thought I told you,
put your meanist face on for me
And them steel-toe boots,
gonna stomp your ass
Want it' hunt it,
some old nigga ready to hump your ass

I'll be there for you baby,
just beep me
start paging soilder,
when you want a freak male
I like freaking at your man's house,
when he leave I toot
What would he say
if he knew that I was sexing you

Let me see you wobble then shake it, then baby pop it, don'tbreak it
You want love let's make it,
I just can't wait 'till you nakes
You like your lips it makes me hard
daydreamin' of screamin' and fiendin'
You creamin' for sex,
that you gonna get this evening


We them 504 Boyz, huh,
we them 504 Boyz, what, what

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