Probably a little more of my voice…

Every morning when he wakes up
He looks out his window and wonders about leaving
He's dialing in distant DJ's
And thinking about feeling
And he starts thinking about all the signals he's receivin'
And whether they're worth believin'
Probably not

He lights the tubes up, it's not enough
He lights the boards up, it's not enough
He's out the door, down the square
And there's a girl down there selling redemption
She's got a clear signal going on, but…

He's the champ

And all the signals he's receivin'
And the heat makes it magnify
And sometimes he can't tone it down
You can twist and you can turn while the heat makes it burn
But you still just can't tone it down

Give him 9, it's not too much
Give him 10, it's not too much
Crack the plaster, it's not too much
Push the pillars over, let the roof cave in, smash the signal
It's not too much!

He's the champ
Where is he? Listen to my band…

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