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Not The I But The You In Me


You have walked into my life
You have painted all my dreams
'Til the color of your love is the color of me
You can look into my heart
And you can read my mind
You can read about yourself in between the lines

Every good thing I have done
Everything that I've become
Everything that's turned out right
Is because You're in my life
And if I ever teach a child the way
Ever learn myself to change
Ever become who I want to be
It's not the I but the You in me.

You have looked into my eyes
You have seen what I am
But still, You're by my side
Telling me I can
And there are times I've caused you pain
And times I've made mistakes
Somehow you used them all to make the I you made

Repeat Chorus

And if I ever wondered for a hundred, thousand years
I would never understand
How you're in me
And I'm in you
And you could say
You are the reason why I am

Repeat Chorus

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