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Who Freaked Who


[10 second convo between the two to start]

[Chorus: Apache (Nikki D)]
WHO FREAKED WHO? (Nigga I freaked you)
WHO FREAKED WHO? Bitch I freaked you
WHO FREAKED WHO? (You didn't know what the fuck to do)
WHO FREAKED WHO? Ha-ha, that's not true

[Apache (Nikki D)]
I know who freaked who (yeah nigga) that's a stupid-ass question
I freaked you and taught that pussy a lesson (heh)
You must admit I got the good shit I was way up in it
And when I licked the clit you came for 20 minutes (mm-hmm)
Sweat, moans and groans, and the sex aroma
fill the room, I'm done hon, then left you in a coma (what?)
It begin in candlelight, you try to fight and tussle
Now you daydream and fiend for my love muscle (sure!)
Is it love or lust, pleasure or pride
If I can't hit bottom I try to fuck up one of the sides (yeah right)
You found my spot, got on top, tried to twist and twirl
Fuck "Daddy," now your Apache's Little Girl (whatever!)
Time for a spankin, but I'll take head instead
I fuck so well I had seatbelts put on my bed (yeahh)
Don't be a dummy, buckle up I won't cum too fast (uhh)
But believe you'll need a cast for that fat ass

[Nikki D (Apache)]
Huh, you ain't all that, your dick stayed the softest (what?)
Couldn't find pussy in a gynecologyst's office (he he he)
When we kissed, you touched tits, started a sex dual
You can't hang, I dropped the drawers and you started to drool (nah)
I'll admit, the body's fit and quite sexable (yeah)
I put my ankles on your neck because I'm flexible (uh-huh)
I'll make you scream when you nut cause you're full of that
So what your dick is big I had to show you where to put it at (don't be lyin)
Don't be shy, I'll treat you real good of course
Punch in your code and get rode like a fuckin horse (uh-huh)
Fuckin the way I do, it takes nuff guts (ha ha)
And when I'm done you need a tourniquet put on your nuts (ha ha ha!)
We play the game, find the hot spot, it's not up top
Follow the flow, lick 'em low, and it's hard as a rock (ahh shit)
Layin me, you lose your mind, don't know what to do (what?)
Who freaked who? (uh-huh) I fucked and freaked you (nah)

[Chorus: Apache (Nikki D)]
WHO FREAKED WHO? Yo bitch I freaked you
WHO FREAKED WHO? (Motherfucker I freaked you)
WHO FREAKED WHO? Bitch you know that ain't true
WHO FREAKED WHO? (Nigga this pussy is too good)
WHO FREAKED WHO? Bitch, I freaked you
WHO FREAKED WHO? (Nigga bring that dick, more dick)
WHO FREAKED WHO? Yeahhh, more dick for you
WHO FREAKED WHO? (Well motherfucker freaky too)

[Nikki D (Apache)]
Yeah, ain't nothin more pleasin than ass when you need it
Over 17 so don't PG-13 it
I can find a freak and fuck around ya whole crew
But I'ma use you, then do you, maybe even screw you (What? You buggin)
Throw my back against the wall and watch me slide to the floor
Pull my panties to my knees and striptease like a whore (daaamn)
Try you out for size, put your head between these thighs
Lick it lovely motherfucker see this coochie ain't shy
Watch me bend it, spin it, by now the dick is in it
Pushin butoons and I'm lovin every fuckin minute
If you grabbin for sheets yeah I'm grabbin them ass cheeks
Dick nice and hard, hey the pussy's on me
ahhhh-hahh; the nigga tried to stroke it
ahhhh-hahh; the nigga tried to poke it
ahhhh-hahh; the nigga almost broke it
ahhhh-hahh; but the pussy just smoked it

[Apache (Nikki D)]
I must admit you're a great fuck but then again (I know)
I'll suck your pussy 'til your forehead caves in
All I need is whip cream, a dream gets strung
While you pull on my braids I'll tickle your nips with my tongue
You're on the menu, I'm hungry, you're the breakfast miss
Then I'll stick my dick between your big breasteses
You pop shit, I pop coochies, you're not the last
Pretty soon you'll have my name tattooed on your ass
Don't get sad or mad, don't fuss or fight
Give me a blunt a bottle of hooch and I'll fuck all night
I'm the freak of the week I'll fuck you any place
In a hooptie, a bus, or the fire escape
Need I say more, should I go on, let me continue
I try to go deep and put my nuts all up in you
Fuckin with me, you lose your mind, don't know what to do
Who freaked who? I fucked and freaked you

["who freaked who" repeats with Apache and Nikki D ad libs to end]

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