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Soothsayers predict a holocaust
Corrupt politicians, defend this way of living
Whatever the loss - at any cost

Where did we go wrong?
We crossed the finishing line
And burnt our sinking ships
Has god forsaken us?

Multinational corporate greed
Feed on the poor and the weak
No matter what race or creed
The future looks depressingly bleak
Once a privileged race
Now living on borrowed time
Sins of our fathers, catching up
Breathing down our necks

We pray for salvation
In this world of mutilation
Man's fate - termination
In this world of deprivation (mutilation - dehumanization)

We've been digging our own massgrave
For god knows how many centuries
Killing our own flesh an blood
Spreading disease, killing the trees
Third stone form the sun
Suffering from ignorant neglect
Our home - mother earth
Mankind refused to show respect

We never expected the end
To be from heaven sent
It was death from above
That struck down with evil intent
Gotterd¦mmerung - twilight of the gods
As the world slowly stops to turn
Sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow
What did we gain, what did we learn?

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