Foto do artista Banda X

Under The Big Black Sun

Banda X

What i did on my vacation for the last ten years took pictures of
Your town plaid perfume on my breath i mean i've been drinking
Scotch while touring through your town adultry makes you give
Things away it gets you confused adultry takes a one room
Vacation then it gets you alone turns into a hoonymoon scream
Then you have to change the sheets smoke in one hand looking for
A light martini in the other hand pointing out midnight now that
You pulled the school underwater and drowned the prom which man
Will you save for this friday you can put him in a fish pond and
Watch him swim around then have a catholic dinner if it isn't men
It's death it's the same old testament at the cross her station
Keeping stood the mournful mother weeping where my man extended
Hung driven with nails to wood smoke in one hand looking for a
Drink drink in the other hand pointing out midnight at my desk
As you're sleepng as the big deal of death kills me and starts
Leaving everbody asks me how i'm doing i'm doing everything
Alone rave on children and try to sleep larks must sing grave,
Deep melodies happy that they die the sly brown fox pulled up a
Glass pulled up a chair and yanked out my hair when i tried to
Sit i fell down when i woke up he was gone so one has a smoke
One has a drink the man is gone, mary's dead good morning

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