We Will Meet Again


I always wondered what could have been
If we'll be together again
I can't stop thinking about you
You are always on my mind

I hope we meet again
Maybe in due time
But until then

I'll keep my fingers crossed
How long will it take
No one knows for sure

I'll be here waiting for you
So don't you even worry
When that day comes I'll no longer feel lost
Please hurry, come back to me

I found a love that's for real
I mean it honestly

(Chorus - x2)
Baby, I think I finally found your love
We belong together, I hope we meet again
Baby, I think I finally found your love
Will we meet again?

You can think we'll ever meet again
You're not just another or sort-of good friend
I do what I have to do
To get back with you, I'm not lyin', it's the truth

The question's serious: will you be there for me
I'm there for you, that's how it's gon' be
(?), the best thing in life is free
Yes, it took me a while to see

Next time, we'll make it last forever
And if it's good, just try to make it better
To make it last, put the bad in the past
Peace, until we meet again

You try to feel safe, are you gonna be mine?
Will you try to make things right?(?)
(?), and I waste my time,
Is it our time or not?

I really need to know
So tell me right now:
Will we meet again?

[Repeat chorus]

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