Till The End Of Time


I never saw the world
Until I looked into
Your eyes and then I knew
Everything's gonna be okay

Under the sun
Like the dawning of a day for the very first time
You smile at me
And a thousand stars are twinkling in the sky

And it'll be alright (It'll be alright)
Cause you're by my side (Cause you're by my side)
Everything's okay (Everything's okay)
If you'll say you'll be mine (If you say you'll be mine)

I fly away with you
Beyond the forest rainbow
I'd cross the milky way
If only I could be with you

You are my world
The breath that I need every hour, each day
You make me whole
Just say that you're never gonna go away

And it'll be alright (I never saw the world)
Cause you're by my side (Until I looked into)
Everything's okay (Your eyes and then I knew)
If you'll say you'll be mine (Everything's gonna be okay)

And yes we'll be okay (Cause we'll be okay)
Yes we'll be alright (Yes we'll be alright)
Cause I'm by your side (Cause I'm by your side)
Till the end of time.

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