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The Sweetest Illusion


bread and butter tastes more like it could be _cordon bleu_
mona lisa's smiling like a cheshire cat
even johnny rocker sounds today like nat king cole
every yellow taxi's like a cadillac

and the cup that once appeared half empty
has become a cup that is half full
where there was a space there is now plenty
you're a lucky sign ascending--
no one does for me what you do

love is the sweetest illusion

every innuendo seems to be in semaphore
monday mornings turn into a mardi gras
and a glass of soda taste more like dom perignon
every dead end street's an ocean boulevard

the more i look the more i see
and i don't mind if my senses are deceiving me
the more i touch the more i feel
who cares what is imaginary and what is real
if black is white and red is green
i don't care which way around it is supposed to be
i close my eyes but i can see...

the more i look the more i see
form where i stand my world is looking
good to me
the more i touch the more i feel
don't want to know that is true what's
make believe...

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