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How can I convince you
That you're really not alone
And I know exactly what you're going through
Nothing is for certain
But there's one thing that I know
Never underestimate what love can do
I want to show you
Even though there are no guarantees
Just let me hold you
Love can do most anything
If you just believe

It can take you to the highest high
Make you sacrifice it all
Love is unpredictable
It can change your life forever
It may never hear your call
Love is unpredictable
Na Na Na Na Na
Love is unpredictable
Na Na Na Na Na
Love is unpredictable

We don't need to justify
And we don't need to wait
All will be revealed to us in time (yeh)
If you intellectualize the meaning of this fate
You may never know what we could find
Don't keep me waiting
Don'tchya keep me hanging on the line
I'm only saying
You won't know what love can do
If you never try


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