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Southern GüRl

Better Than Ezra

There she is.
White light,
descending like the color of rain.
July or fall,
one thing will never change.
Down and out,
you found this city has you on your back.
You long for her to take you away.
And I . . .

I want a Southern Girl, I need a Souther Girl.
Well, I want a Southern Girl and I need a Souther Girl.
And I want a Southern Girl.

Scent of pine drifting by.
Her hand traces lazy on your neck.
Sunlight through the trees
recalls a better time.
Kids and dogs running by,
She smiles as she drinks ice tea,
Retire to the room, it's easy to see.


Take back the night, claim your desire.
Run 'til you crawl.
In the morning you will find her there.


I want a Southern Girl

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