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Broken Hearted Savior

Big Head Todd And The Monsters

Fields are white in snowy spring and
I can't remember the last time that I've seen her.
v. The highway is still cold and wet and I can't forget
the way I had to leave her,
And every passing day, she flickers and she fades.
Is someone to help her when she falls from the
Chorus: And I'll love her yet, though she has done
me wrong. And I'll bring her back, though she has
been long gone.
And i'll always be her.Broken hearted savior.
v.And every heavy night takes out
the little life that's left within her.
Evryman gives her love, he takes it,
and leaves her with a dinner.
Our love was once a flame, now I'm just a forgotten name,
Am I the only one to blame for having loving her?

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