The little boy he crawls to his knees
Crosses his hands so that god can see
Hush - quiet - what?
The little boy who says his prayers

Good god don't go away from mommy
She undresses me and bathes and stays with me
Then she dresses me in warm nightgown
God bless daddy 'cause i forgot

When i think of what happened today
A little song comes to mind
I must not stop saying my prayer
Forgive me god, i ask you kindly

My nightgown has a hood
Inside the hood i hide my head
It covers my eyes and my forehead aswell
Nobody knows that i am there

Thank you god for a good day
Did i forget something, what was it?
I prayed for daddy and thought of you
Yes now i remember - god bless me

The little boy sleeps well now
The day is over, the night has come
Hush - quiet - what?
The little boy who said his prayers

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