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Road To Ruin

Black 47

The strobe was pulsin' in the afterhours
the booze was flowin' free
when i first saw you across that room
on down by houston street
you were wrapped around a wiseguy
for all the world to see
ah you touched my heart across that room
then you came on home with me

the angels knew their business, boys,
they knew what they were doin'
with your blazin' eyes and your raven hair
on down the road to ruin
i gave up friends and family
i gave up all i knew
i followed you like jesus christ
on down the road to ruin

the dawn threw up across the sky
we kissed like boy and girl
but neither of us was innocent
we'd both been screwed by the world
we clung onto each other
for fear we'd drift away
ah you touched me to my heart's desire
on the dawning of that day

"johnny," you said,
"i'm clean outa me head
i can't take any more pain
if life's for livin' then what are we doin'
ploughin' these poisoned streets again and again"

jenny, i didn't know what i had in you
how could i be so dumb to walk out on you now what am i doin'
ploughin' these poisoned streets again and again
and again and again and again and again and again

iwonder where you are tonight
i hope you're feelin' fine
in some saloon or afterhours
the men around you like flies
i keep on searchin' everywhere
i know just what i'm doin'
ah you're somewhere out there right in front of me
on down the road to ruin

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