Caught in the valley of shadow,
Fear and doubt
Desperately searching
There was no way out
But then the hand of mercy
Came reaching for me
Lifted me out of my broken past
And brought me
Into the land of the free

Here in the brave new world
My faith is standing strong
Here in the brave new world
Im right where I belong
Its Your amazing grace
That brought my heart
Right to this place
The fear is gone
Im living in a brave new world

I stand on a mountain of possibilities
I hear You calling me to spread my wings
I know Youll hold me up, Lord
When I feel too weak to fly
Cause its through the power of your love
That keeps me soaring through the sky

CHORUS (repeat)

It was a universe of dark despair
Now I see You shining everywhere
I know Youre always there

CHORUS (repeat 2X)

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Composição: Jeff Silvey / Regie Hamm. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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