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Krayzie Bone and the Bone, with my mighty, mighty warriors, withmy
mighty, mighty warriors.
This is all real, what you see [see]. I said it's all real. It's just the thug in

Nigga, just because Krayzie quiet, speak less, don't be mistakin'my
kindness for weakness. Humble but ready to rumble. My violentside, I
can't deny, I'm like a Jekyll and Hyde, gemini, look if you seeme quiet
then I'm plottin' to riot. Why? Tell me, why in they eyes, I'mlabeled a
menace, but I like it? Destroy ya. Paranoia will make me blowyou
away, but hey. Nigga got too close to me, and that ain't howit's
supposed to be. Nigga want respect, but what do you show me? Playa
hatin', anticipate the day that you can see me fall. Better actlike you
know. I'm rollin' with Mo, posse up. Do damage and manage towiggle
our way out of handcuffs as we strut as thugs we must, doin' ourbest to
obey God. Violent in this times. Got to do what ya got todo--war 'til
99. Slim nigga, better get up and come and get it if it's reallycomin'.
Now I get it, I'm a flaunt it. Niggas sayin' Krayzie say yasoft. Come and
get it if ya really want it, yeah [yeah, yeah, yeah]. Thishatin', baby, that
gots me so cold. Ya gotta be heartless in certain situations,like

It's all real, what you see. [Truly real.] I said it's allreal. It's just the
thug in me.
Niggas be keepin' it all real. We keepin' it all real. With thereal, if it's
real, if it's real, then stay real and be real.
We come with nothin' but the real thang, baby.
Krayzie got nothin' but the real thang, baby [the real thang,bang].

Baby, now this is the sound me and my trues, we put this down,way
down. So, now when ya hear me releasin' some shells. Hit theground
with the quckness, lay, better stay down. On the darkside, takea look and
you'll find true niggas like no other kind. Niggas say fuck thewine, indo
inside, swisha sweet, get me high.

Ain't nothin', get to nothin', somethin' got to be real, real,somethin' got
to be real.

I still be thuggin' in the khakis, boots, and skullies,
and since I'm a weed fiend for the green, nigga, gotta make thatmoney,

It's real always.

Last night, I P.O.D'd, next to me Ouija, Ouija, and I'm fell inthis
fucked-up state of mind. Slipped in a dream, and I see demonsscreamin',
tellin' me it's time to die. Why me? I see some niggas--theycomin' to
get me. They creepin' outside of my window. I'm ready to bang,bang,
bang. Aim the 12 gauge pump. When I let go, give it up for thebloody
murda mo', bloody murda mo', mo', mo'. See the nigga when theycome
through the window, had to put a bigger hole in his soul. If hegetaway,
runnin' out me backdoor, with a me sawed-off swangin'. Get readyto
duck now, to the guts, buck, pap, pap, pow.
Claim my thang to slain them bloody bodies [murda mo', murdamo',
murda mo', murda mo', murda mo', murda mo'], kill 'em all, sendthem
hoes up in flames, Krayzie insane to the brain. Now I know why Idone
did some dirt in my time, 'cause the devil was stressin' my mind,messin'
with my mind. Figure Bone's don't know if (...?...) the real asit everyday,
I can do it if I only pray, maintain, 'cause a nigga was lustin'for money.
Got to get because a nigga was strugglin'. I hit 'em with theMossberg.
Y'all heard about Mr. Sawed-Off Leather Face, 'til they lay,round after
round after round, they'll fall down, down. May they lay. Maythey lay
from the eruption, man. We puttin' 'em 6 feet deep, we buckquick, man.

It's all real, what you see. [Truly real.] I said it's allreal. It's just the
thug in me.

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Composição: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony / DJ U-Neek / Krayzie Bone. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.


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