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Lamar Venoy

Bouncing Souls

He was only 16 and he knew he wasn't like anyone else
Listening to his records in his room he knew
something had to change somewhere or he would go insane
but when some years slipped by and he still felt the same.
people and money came and went but the only thing that stayed thesame
were the feelings he felt when those records played

he drinks till he
falls down and his name is Lamar Vannoy
he's looking for something and
he's gonna find it Oi Oi Oi Oi
and his name is Lamar Vannoy.

Me and Lamar in NYC on the avenue
talking about nothing new
with a bag of brew the New York wind
will blow and he will wears his engineer boots
motorcycle jacket black jeans nowhere to go
nothing to do so much has gone
wrong and so much is bad but sharing
this music with Lamar there is so
much we have he drink's and think's
about a girl who lies and his name is
Lamar Vannoy he'll wake up and
go to work with a swollen brain.

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