You look at me and wonder
If I'll go under or give you love need
Will stars always be in have?
I'm only guessin' as far as I can see

I could never give up loving the sun
How could I deny such a perfect one?

So,when you want the time dear
I have to spend here ,I'll glady share with you
My life as far as I imagined
There would be passion if only you stay close

I could never give up waiting to fly
What's a bird in flight without any sky?

You make me smile ,it's been a while
Since I felt this way ,won't you stay?

Your kiss so light as a feather ,pull me together
And I'm a stormy sea
So,shall I ask my question ,just a sugestion
Won't you just give your love to me?

My love,make it magic
It would be tragic if you let go of me
I know all the things that sadden could never end
If only you stay close to me

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Composição: Brenda Russell / Don Grusin. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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