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Latest Monkey

Buffalo Tom

The newest clown
Cries an old type of tears
Watch them fall
There they lie
Crispy, ancient and they leak

Going I'm gone
Go away

His tears they sit
Crusty, rusted in a box
Inside a drawer
Grandpa's news
Fragile words are yellowed through
Forever more

Going I'm gone
Go away

Sadder than sad
She's feeling bad
Monkey's the one who laughs last

Hold me down
Cut me loose when
Nighttime falls
And lifts away
I'm a ball
Bouncing off of a brick wall
Into the day

I'm Going
Going I'm gone
Go away
Going I'm gone

I am gone I am gone
Go away

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Composição: Bill Janovitz / Buffalo Tom / Chris Colbourn / Tom Maginnis. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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