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You've always been a friend'o mine
that's the way we'll be 'til the day I die
yeah it's good to know you're on my side
'cause now you know she's leavin' me
and I need your help to make her see
so turn on your charm and let it shine
'cause you've always been the one
who could make her stay around
so when she gets to the city limits sign
don't let me down

whoa, laredo
don't let her go
just take her by the heart and let the wheels turn slow
whoa, laredo
you're my only hope
so get her back to the day we met
'cause that's as far as she needs to get
oh, but please don't let her go
ooooooh, laredo

make her think about the moonlit walks and the long, long talks
by the water's edge
with her feet hangin' off the cancreek bridge
bring to mind the first kiss we shared at the old town square
when she drives down there
'cause that's the day she said she could never forget
keep the nights by the candlelight as uh ace in the hole
'cause those are nights of passion that I know will bring herhome

repeat chorus

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