Foto do artista Carlos Lyra

In Love With Rio (carioca de Algema)

Carlos Lyra

I fancy the world
Which I call my place
But I fall for Rio
With all its grace
Rio, skies so bright,
Lights that beam and glow,
Makes my dreams so real
It seems that I'm so
In love with Rio

Rhymes with sun and heat
With moon and moonlight,
Rhymes with sea that beats
On the beach so white,
With the mountain greenery,
A magic spell
Of nature's devotion
To life's explosion
Reflected so well.

Rio turns the city
Into a work of art,
So sensual it speeds
The beats of a heart
Deliciously sinful,
Entirely playful,
For each desire
Is made so delightful.
I'm greedy for life,
I believe that's why
I will live in Rio until I die
Rio can provoke me
Just like a poem,
Shake up my feelings
If I am willing
To show them.

Forgive me, Señor,
If I sound too vain
When I speak of Rio
Again and again.
This love's so unique,
There's no love like this.
What I feel for Rio
Lets all the world see
What real, true love is…
To me.

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